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Your PhD friend breaks two fingers and one of the first things she thinks of while nearly fainting from pain is that she will not be able to submit a draft on time.

Then you realise that, had you broken those fingers, one of your first thoughts would also have been to let the supervisor know.

Then you return from the hospital just to discover that another PhD friend who saw it all happening had also thought that the poor friend who broke her fingers will not be able to write.

While waiting to see the doctor, you joke with your friend about a possible ethnographic study on the patients’ experiences of the NHS.

You make your friend talk about her research to distract her from pain during the endless (literally!) wait.

And once you both return home past midnight, you make half-serious jokes about stopping at the office. Not only because you are both starving and you’ve only got food in the office fridge. But also… to possibly get some work done.


Life revolves around our PhDs, we love it and we laugh about it. I guess, this is also part of the identity transformation process.