“The Thesis Whisperer” has a wonderful piece of advice on things to do during the first year of our PhDs – I couldn’t agree more!

The Thesis Whisperer

The author of this week’s post, Dr Jess Drake, is no stranger to the ups and downs of the PhD. Jess first wrote this post for me a couple of years ago… but it got lost in the not very well managed publication queue. When I discovered it lurking in my list I asked her to revisit it and I’m happy to say she agreed. 

A lot has changed for Jess since she wrote this post. She completed her PhD a year ago, and since then has been doing a lot of reflection on her own and others PhD and research experiences. Mostly she tells me she wished that there were more resources and honest guidance before or during the PhD. Lukcy for us, now she’d like to share some of her thoughts and reflections in the hope that it might help people get through the downs of the…

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