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Since around Christmas time I kept joking about “cooking for procrastination” (which I also read as: skills training for alternative post-PhD careers; but see “About – optimistic realist perspective”). I have not really been experimenting a lot on cooking new things during the year. But this first week of almost summer and post-upgrade has seen me learning how to make two new dishes.

The first one has been chocolate chip cookies:ImageShape looking not yet quite as the recipe ones, but getting there! People in my department have much appreciated them, along with the daily dose of sugar they provide, so I’d say the first experiment went really well!

Today was my second attempt at cooking for procrastination – thanks Pinterest for a delicious recipe. This time it was a salad:ImageHad to adapt the recipe more compared to the cookie one – for instance, used normal mustard and added honey to the dressing, didn’t put corn, used turkey and not chicken, and so on. But the result is delicious, and will be my lunch at the office tomorrow. Yum!

Anyone else cooking for procrastination, or willing to join the club?