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Deadline’s the motivation, topic’s the inspiration
Taking no vacation, you just keep working. That’s
Training for vocation, you do it to become.
It’s what you want to do, it’s almost who you are.
Yeah, it’s the life you chose.
Coffee shots in the dark when eyes’re half closed…
Now your thesis’s looking like a heavy tome and
People catch you fearing that you’ll be exposed.
Perfecting your passion, gaps unmasking…
Can’t slow down, you want your thesis smashing.
You feel frantic, there’s no match.
You look at the work ahead, and time that’s passed…

You never feared death or dying
You now fear professors’ plying.
Are you that clever? You are
Afraid that they will fail you now.

Best shot. Everything rides on Viva
After you’ve had three years
And you have grown for it.
That moment, you’ll own it.
That is what you have trained for,
Reward’s just round the corner.
See? These people – you’ll join them.
That moment? You’ll own it.

Music: ‘We Own It’ (Fast & Furious)
Lyrics: My evening inspiration. To be continued in the future (maybe). When I will reach the Viva point.

And with this song, chapter procrastination has reached new heights.